Offering - Bali

Offering - Bali

About Nigel Charman

My route to a career in professional photography wasn’t entirely conventional. A university degree in English Literature led, naturally, to work as a motoring journalist... never have gear ratios and exhaust manifolds been described so eloquently.

I quickly realized my true interest was in pictures rather than words and started assisting a number of top photographers on still life, portrait and location shoots.
Since becoming an independent professional, I have tended towards portraiture, architecture and interiors for both corporate and editorial clients.

With almost 20 years of photographic experience under my belt, I’m constantly on the lookout for stimulating challenges and new ways of doing things.

Photography is my passion, so, when not working on commissions, I’m engaged in personal projects that keep my approach fresh. A recent eight-month trip round the Southern hemisphere, for example, was exhilarating and provided loads of creative inspiration.